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Advania sets up a Sitevision team

Advania is the most recent addition in the Sitevision's network of partners. They are kicking off the collaboration by creating its own Sitevision team of developers. Sounds great, right?

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Advania are in the business of making life easier for the companies and the public sector, aiding them in creating value, and providing a wide range of IT-services, and now also the most recent Sitevision partner. Advania will immediately start building its on Sitevision team that will focus on web and intranet deliveries to both the private and public sector.

Erik Stenman, sales manager at Sitevision, says about the new partnership:

– We are happy and expectant. Advania is recognized as a talented actor on the market, and also they have a strategically important position being as a framework agreement supplier. They have several important framework agreements with, among others, SKL Kommentus.

– It is in Advania's nature to continuously see how we can create maximum customer value in our deliveries. Sitevision, as a company and platform, is a perfect match to help us achieve just that – and this is why we now join their network of partners. Our team is very excited and looking forward to see where this collaboration leads us! says Viktor Leviné, Partner Responsibility Sitevision, at Advania.

A warm welcome to Sitevision, Advania!

About Advania

With more than 1,500 employees in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Advania is one of the largest and most complete suppliers of IT solutions in the Nordic region. Read more about Advania on their website.

About Sitevision partners

Being a Sitevision partner means having the know how to build websites in Sitevision. A partner has all the necessary certificates and are always up to date. All to ensure that you have as a customer gets a really good delivery.

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